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The Good Life is the latest feature film to be produced by Redd Bone Productions. This unique blend of comedy, drama, and life choices make this a story that anyone can relate to. By the end, they will have laughed, cried, felt, and even feared for the characters they would have come to love.

Michael “Mikey” Hamilton is a man who has been in search of “the good life.” After an unusual set of circumstances nearly lands him in jail, Mikey decides to put the past behind him and start fresh. He begins this new lease on life with a new love interest, Alicia. Love, it seems, is his catalyst to a better life. But when this new way of living takes Mikey and his entire family on a paradise vacation, questions begin to emerge. What lies beneath this seemingly perfect exterior?

Mikey is leading a secret life. It is a world filled with seduction, drugs, wealth and power. And as he begins to move up in life, he is lured deeper into this dark, dangerous world. Fabian, the key to Mikey’s future goals, takes him to a new level. Mikey’s life begins to soar, and it seems that nothing is out of his grasp. But, when his younger brother Kevin attempts to join this world, Mikey must choose between his family and his new lifestyle. As the decision looms, he is forced to answer the question, “What really is ‘the good life?’”




Michael “Mikey” Hamilton

Why choose a side if you can take the coin? Robert McGill, Jr. plays the part of Michael “Mikey” Hamilton, a man who wants it all and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. But, in a world where anything goes, how far is too far? Robert’s talents are not limited to the big screen. He also has a knack behind the camera, and is in fact the head Sound Engineer on “The Good Life” team.





A honor student and former cheerleader at Loyola University, Janell Flugence plays the part of Alicia, an aspiring model and designer. In “The Good Life” her character is swept off her feet by the charm of Mikey’s world. True love,  it seems, has made all her dreams come true. Janell’s witty yet innocent ways are a perfect match for Alicia.  Playing an intelligent girl with a naive view of the world, she’ll have you rooting for her from the start.




Beautiful and mysterious, one look could steal your heart. If you have ever met a woman whose very presence can capture a room, you have met Selam Workeneh. Ironically shy, when this former tennis player was cast to play Sasha, only the director saw her immense potential. When she added her natural stage presence to the role, the character who emerged was the dangerous yet alluring vixen that is Sasha. She holds the key to every man’s desire, but what would you pay to get it?




Fabian is the man behind the man. Every puppet has its master, and in this world Fabian pulls all the strings. If you’ve ever run across Fabian, played by Jimmy Mastio, you’d never believe that this guy could ever play a mob boss. Jimmy is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet; his performance, however, proves that casting this nice guy was no mistake.

About Director

PastorOwen McManus, Jr. – Director

Owen McManus, Jr., a native of New Orleans, was born and raised in the lower ninth ward. A proactive member of his community, he has always sought to give to those in need. One of his chief missions has been to reach out to urban youth. With crime and teenage pregnancy rates on the rise, this generation clearly lacks guidance. Owen believes that “one of the biggest problems we see today is the increasing percentage of our young people growing up without fathers… This has become a fatherless generation.” With a heart to reach out to today’s youth, Owen asked “How?”, and Redd Bone Productions was born.  Redd Bone’s mission is to create and produce media that is both entertaining and relevant. “The Good Life” is the first in a trilogy of feature length films developed towards that end. This undertaking represents a major step towards changing a generation and to creating a brighter future.

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